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Check this flyer out to learn more about the Contract for Deed!

Contract For Deed Flyer.jpg


Example 1:

Just helped a client get their offer accepted on a new home who couldn’t get pre-approved for traditional mortgage financing.  Reach out and I’ll explain how.


Example 2:

Do you currently have money for a down payment but can’t get approved for a mortgage?  Give me a call as I have the solution you’ve been looking for. 


Example 3:

Looking to build your real estate portfolio but don’t have a 20% down payment?  I can help.  Shoot me a DM to learn more.


Example 4:

Have money for down payment and want to buy a home but think your credit sucks?  Good news, I have a program that allows you to buy, and credit doesn’t matter.  Reach out to learn more.


Example 5:

Ready to buy your dream home but hitting roadblocks with traditional mortgage lenders even though you have money for a down payment?  Don’t let a pre-approval denial stop you!  Our team specializes in finding solutions for home buyers so let’s explore your options together!


Example 6:

Stuck in the pre-approval process despite having your down payment ready?  It’s frustrating, we get it!  Our experts work with unconventional financing options to get you into your new home.  Get in touch to turn your home ownership dreams into reality!


Example 7:

Got the down payment, but lenders aren’t on board?  You’re not alone!  We understand the challenges and have helped many buyers in similar situations.  Reach out to us for tailored solutions and personalized guidance.  Let’s make your home-buying journey smooth!


Example 8:

Denied for pre-approval due to strict lender guidelines?  We specialize in assisting buyers just like you!  With various financing options available, we can help bridge the gap between your down payment and mortgage approval.  Take the first step towards owning your home and reach out today!


Example 9:

Being turned down for a mortgage despite having your down payment ready can be discouraging.  But don’t lose hope!  Our team has creative solutions and alternative lending options to help you secure that dream home.  Let’s work together to make it happen!



Phone: 763-639-9171


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